Another sighting that falls into the category of Signs of the End Times! In ‘Follow Me Down’ reporter NICOLETTE BARISCHOFF describes an orphanage full of highly unlikely children: wings, seal-boys and, least likely of all, young Kora Gillespie, who is not a demi-god:

Kora Gillespie’s face was exactly a seven-year-old girl’s face, and not a striking one; there were no horns pushing up through the pale hair. The pupils of the pale, browless, puddle-gray eyes were almost disappointingly round and human.

But it was always unsettling to Ramona how quickly Kora could pull back from manic bursts of fiercely determined activity, to sit in almost unblinking silence.

And then there was a kind of fluttering smirk that never really left her mouth when she was silent that made her face look not much like a seven-year-old’s at all.

If only we could be sure Lucia Lucilla had predicted this!


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