We know the apocalypse will be heralded by strange signs and alarming harbingers. Lucia Lucilla has told us something of what to expect, but as we have only part of her Prophecy we may expect to be surprised by other unlikely events. Recent minotaur sightings discussed by researcher SEAN ROBINSON in the conclusive report ‘Minotaur: An Analysis of the Species’ definitely fit the category:

3.  The labyrinth always comes.

In many ways, this last fact plays the dominant factor in the genesis of the minotaur. Though the socio-economic, racial, and geographic origins may be varied and are, according to the study conducted, as varied as the variables at play, in the end, like the modern cuckoo, the minotaur is a brood parasite (possibly symbiote) and is, in the end, always raised by something entirely foreign to its native parents’ species.

Because he is an EXEMPLARY RESEARCHER Sean Robinson has released (some of) the data for his study! WOULD THAT ALL SCIENTISTS WERE SO TRANSPARENT. You can find the questionnaire for Responder 22 (“Smokey”) here.

We can only ask ourselves: is this the BEGINNING OF THE END?


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