A contact alerts us to the work of art student Pensri Suesat, as reported by PEAR NUALLAK in ‘Candidate 45, Pensri Suesat’:

Over the course of the new term, Pensri constantly wondered how creating art that drew from their own heritage could be anything except authentic, and how Ajan Emily — who was not a Jamathewi native like Pensri but one of those sunburnt Angrit — could possibly be an authority on the subject. Furthermore, since neither of them had seen a thewada, both were equally ignorant of the reality of such beings. Thewada did not simply turn up in canals like mischievous nang ngueak or freely flit between mortal and heavenly realms as kinnaree did; they were protective of their true forms, taking on special guises on their occasional visits, revealing themselves only rarely. Unsurprisingly, thewada hadn’t expressed an opinion about their representation in human art.

Our source suggests Pensri’s thewada may express their opinions forcefully in coming months, if Salus is unsuccessful in her quest!


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