Another possible prophet arises!  Does ERIC SCHWITZGEBEL foresee the future or reveal the past in The Dauphin’s Metaphysics, an account of how to overcome death?

“It’s hitting me — early,” the Dauphin said, stuttering a bit.

“What is?” I asked, though I knew perfectly well.

“My mother could walk until almost fifty.”

“It would be unethical to commit a child to a life of delusion,” I said, neither sitting nor setting down my tin lamp. “And it would serve no purpose, for the child would never be you. The material-configuration view no more allows transfer between bodies than does the Elementary soul view. What you seek is a metaphysical impossibility.”

“If the memories were perfect enough, the personality similar enough. If the child knew that my past was his own. If he took up my goals and views unquestioningly, only rethinking them sometimes in the way I sometimes also rethink….”

There may be more to learn from ERIC SCHWITZGEBEL! According to our contact, this potential prophet offers more philosophical reflections on the possibility of mind transfer by hypnosis at this link. Additionally, he has shared another of his visions featuring mind transfer by hypnosis, this time from the perspective of the mnemonist.



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