VISIONS OF THE FUTURE? Reader’s Digest, Before & After, “And Other Definitions of Family”

We know the apocalypse is upon us. Lucia Lucilla makes that painfully clear in the recently discovered fragment of the Codex Lucis. But will there be other prophecies? Should we expect new prophets to arise in the shadow of the End Times?

According to as yet unconfirmed prophet ABRA STAFFIN-WIEBE, who predicts a future (post-apocalyptic? apocalypse averted? we may never know!) featuring remarkably intimate field research on alien life-forms in “And Other Definitions of Family”,

In my imagining of the distant future, Reader’s Digest still exists. And they have a humor section called “Aliens Do the Damnedest Things.”

Unfortunately, story readers don’t have this context and so would find a line like, “So write Reader’s Digest,” to be incredibly anachronistic. And they’re right, because the story doesn’t have space for the explanation, which would ruin the joke anyway. So I had to take the line out. But! Now you know, and knowing is half the battle.

There’s more here, including extras and an alternate scene from “And Other Definitions of Family” that suggest the future truly may not be set in stone.

Our source adds:

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